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Louis Landon - Healing Hearts 2 - Solo Piano (2015) [MP3]

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Louis Landon - Healing Hearts 2 - Solo Piano (2015) [MP3]

Artist: Louis Landon
Title: Healing Hearts 2 - Solo Piano
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: Landon Creative
Genre: New Age
Quality: 320 KBPS
Total Time: 66:14 min
Total Size: 160 MB

1. Sisters 4:44
2. Free at Last 5:15
3. Butterfly 5:04
4. Relax and Enjoy 4:51
5. Shining Brightly 5:35
6. Feeling the Love 4:28
7. Walking in the Light 4:56
8. All is Well 3:45
9. Heart Song 3:42
10. Transition 4:35
11. Dark Nights 4:33
12. Go in Peace 4:55
13. Dancer 4:50
14. Lullaby 4:25

Louis Landon has been doing sound heaiing work in Sedona, AZ as "Healing Piano of Sedona" for the past two years. The musical result of that work has been released in the form of his Healing Hearts CDs. Healing Hearts 2 is his second collection that includes 14 people's journeys under the piano during the healing sessions. Various pieces of music are performed to get the listener into the right state of mind. At that point, a piece of music is created based on an interview that occurs before going under the piano. The music is meant to be used to assist a person's work in a particular area.

Healing Piano of Sedona is a unique sound healing experience to create mental, physical and emotional well-being. Louis Landon is a Steinway Pianist who has toured internationally and has released 17 albums. He has been using the techniques of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky for spiritual development since 1980. Healing Piano of Sedona was created to help people live life joyously, passionately, stress and disease free.



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