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Mastering JavaScript High Performance

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Chad R. Adams, "Mastering javascript High Performance"
English | ISBN: 1784397296 | 2015 | 271 pages | PDF, EPUB | 36 MB

About This Book
Test and optimize javascript code efficiently
Build faster and more proficient javascript programs for web browsers and hybrid mobile apps
Step-by-step tutorial stuffed with real-world examples
Who This Book Is For
If you are a javascript developer with some experience in development and want to increase the performance of javascript projects by building faster web apps, then this book is for you. You should know the basic concepts of javascript.

What You Will Learn
Test existing javascript code using JSLint and understand how to better optimize javascript code
Create your own build system for javascript projects using Node.js and GulpJS
Get to know best performance-focused practices when writing javascript code
Use the DOM more efficiently by optimizing javascript with CSS3 animations
Learn how to unit test javascript code using Jasmine
In Detail
Studying javascript performance in depth will make you capable of tackling the complex and important tasks required to solve performance issues. In this book, youll learn when and why to use an IDE over a common text editor. Packed with examples, youll also learn how to create a build system to test and deploy your javascript project by optimizing the code. Next, you will move on to learn about DOM optimization, javascript promises, and web workers to better break up your large codebase. You will also learn about javascript performance on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android and how to deploy your javascript project to a device. Finally, by the end of the book, youll be able to pinpoint javascript performance problems using appropriate tools, provide optimization techniques, and provide tools to develop fast applications with javascript.


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