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Groove3 Tracking A Song In Cubase Pro 8 TUTORiAL

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Groove3 Tracking A Song In Cubase Pro 8 TUTORiAL

Groove3 Tracking A Song In Cubase Pro 8 | 641 Mb
Genre: eLearning

In this series, rock songwriter and studio expert Brock Jon takes you through the entire process of tracking a song in Cubase Pro 8, from the initial guide parts to the complete, polished song!

Brock starts by showing you How to Set Up Your Empty Project. He gives you the kind of Advanced Tips for Organizing Your Tracks, using the Container Macro, and Configuring Project Visibility Settings that will allow you to hit the ground running.

From there, the next four videos dive into Tracking Guitars. You'll learn everything from How to Dial in Great Guitar Tones to Quantizing and Layering Your Parts. Brock takes the next four videos to show you How to Track Drum Parts, going into How to Create Playable Drum Instruments, Map Drum Sample Articulations onto Controllers, and Program and Edit Drum Parts. Two videos on Tracking Bass follow, exploring the Best Way to Record and Edit Bass.

The tracking videos in the series end with two videos on Tracking Vocals. The first of these also shows How you can do a "long Distance Handoff" of Your Project to a Collaborator, as Groove3 author Scott Fritz contributes his vocal talents to the song. The other vocal tracking video covers How to Edit and Layer Vocals in a Full Mix.

Finally, Brock spends nine videos explaining his Complete Mixing Process as he polishes up each group of tracks using Effects, Automation, Layering, and Mixer Busses.

If you have ever wanted to see a master take a song from idea to iTunes, watch "Tracking A Song In Cubase Pro 8" today!
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