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CGcircuit - Tank Creation Volume 1 - 2

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CGcircuit - Tank Creation Volume 1 - 2

CGcircuit - Tank Creation Volume 1 - 2
English | MP4 | aac, 48KHz, stereo | h264, yuv420p, 640x360, 30fps | 800 Mb
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Volume 1
Tools used: Bodypaint 3d, Cinema 4D, NUKE, Photoshop, V-Ray | Level: Intermediate | Total 112:20 m.
Learn the process of creating a stylized tank model inside of Cinema4D. Learn modeling tips to create different parts of the tank using C4D primitives, subdivision and hard surface modeling, use cloners to speed up the modeling workflow. Once the modeling is complete dive into Bodypaint to learn how to use the UV tools to avoid shrinking and stretching of the textures. Learn how to export the UV template to Photoshop and use it as a guide when texturing. You will also learn how to use the textures created in photoshop to create VRay shaders and render the multipass EXR images to be composited in Nuke while using a linear workflow.
Intermediate Cinema4D Knowledge
Volume 2
Tools used: Cinema 4D, NUKE, V-Ray | Level: Intermediate | Total 37:14 m.
In this second and final part of the Tank Workflow tutorial we will go over the process of creating the VRay shaders, using VRay's built-in multipass manager to render the different elements needed to later manipulate the image, setting up the environment for the final render, going over some tips to enhance the quality of the image without adding long render times and finally going into Nuke for the compositing part of the tutorial. We will then use the VRay elements contained in the EXR image to work with Nuke's color correction nodes and in the end output the finished image.
Tank Creation - Part I, Intermediate Cinema4D knowledge
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