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Wizard - Trail Of Death (2013)

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Wizard - Trail Of Death (2013)

Sfrd28690wi Wizard - Trail Of Death (2013)

Epic Power Metal
 Germany | 53:15 | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 122 MB

"The new album won't  be a typical concept album, but it's main theme will be death. There  will be songs about death by electric chair, a soldier who's killing  others during war, death due to illness or life after death."The cover  artwork of 'Trail Of Death' was created by Jens Reinhold of ZENZ-ART,  who is also responsible for album artworks for bands like Sodom, Freedom  Call or Enemy Of The Sun. The artwork features the reaper who's  carrying something like a petrol lamp with a burning soul in it. The  lamp is a metaphor for burning in hell for eternity."

Tracklist :

1. Creeping Death
2. War Butcher
3. Electrocution
4. Angel of Death
5. Angel of the Dark
6. Black Death
7. One for All
8. Post Mortem Vivere
9. Death Cannot Embrace Me
 10. Machinery of Death
11. We Won't Die for Metal

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Blank & Jones - Relax: A Decade 2003-2013 Remixed & Mixed [2CDs] (2013)

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Blank & Jones - Relax: A Decade 2003-2013 Remixed & Mixed [2CDs] (2013)

Sfrd28691bl Blank & Jones - Relax: A Decade 2003-2013 Remixed & Mixed [2CDs] (2013)
Chillout, Lounge
MP3 | 320 kbps | 363 MB | Full scans | 110 MB

Two  CD collection from the German Electronic-Trance duo. Celebrating 10  years of Relax compilations, Blank & Jones compile the best remixed  tracks from the last decade on Disc One. The second disc features an  exclusive mix by Blank & Jones themselves of the best of Relax!
CD1 - Remixed

01. Hideaway - Afterlife Mix With Jason Caesar - 5:05
02. Happiness - Miguel Migs Dub Mix With Cathy Battistessa - 6:03
03. Nighttime Lovers - Reverso 68 Mix - 6:13
04. Miracle Man - Afterlife Mix With Cathy Battistessa - 4:45
 05. Survivor - Fishtank Mix With Mike Francis - 5:34
06. So Eivissa - Van Bellen's Hypnotic Disco Mix - 10:09
07. Pura Vida - De-Phazz Mix With Jason Caesar - 3:49
08. Coming Home - Afterlife Mix - 5:06
09. Days Go By - Cantoma Mix With Coralie Clement - 5:22
 10. Revealed - Bliss Mix With Steve Kilbey - 6:22
11. Under The Stars - Stardelay Mix With Rachel Lloyd - 4:11
12. The Nightfly - Antonymes' Tonight We Fly Mix - 7:01
13. Pura Vida - Daylight Mix - 6:03

 CD2 - Mixed

01. Happiness - Extended Mix With Cathy Battistessa - 6:38
02. Josephine - Extended Mix With Mike Francis - 4:38
03. Heavens On Fire - Extended Mix With Luke - 4:38
04. Summertime - Extended Mix With Jason Caesar - 3:39
 05. Let's Make People Smile - Extended Mix With Cathy Battistessa - 5:14
06. Lazy Life - Extended Mix With Jason Caesar - 4:46
07. Summergroove - Extended Mix - 5:21
08. Coming Home - Now - Extended Mix - 4:32
 09. Miracle Man - Extended Mix With Cathy Battistessa - 4:48
10. Paradise - Extended Mix With Jason Caesar - 4:50
11. Moonstruck - Extended Mix - 6:05
12. Midsummer Dream - Extended Mix - 4:33
13. Quedate - Extended Mix With Mystic Diversions - 6:18
 14. Happiness - Franco De Mulero With Love Live Mix With Cathy Battistessa - 6:04
15. Miracle Man - Cafe Del Mar Mix With Cathy Battistessa - 5:48

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Ten Kens - Ten Kens (2008)

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Ten Kens - Ten Kens (2008)

Sfrd28692te Ten Kens - Ten Kens (2008)

Rock, Indie
Mp3 | CBR 320 kpbs | 101 Mb | 00:41:03 | Scans | 109 Mb

Ten  Kens combine raw vocal delivery, driving rhythms, and heavy,  reverb-laden guitars with idiosyncratic song structures, creating a  fresh, immediate sound. The Toronto quartet's volatile mix of  bittersweet melody and spiky, lysergic rock is alternately introspective  and belligerent, pensive and swaggering, with a unique perspective that  earns them a place at the outer limits of darkly melodic rock.

01. Bearfight (4:16)
02. Downcome Home (3:19)
03. Refined (3:19)
04. Y'all Come Back Now (2:42)
05. Spanish Fly (2:31)
06. The Alternate Biker (4:21)
07. The Prodigal Sum (4:15)
 08. Worthless And Oversimplified Ideas (3:14)
09. The Whore Of Revelation (4:20)
10. Your Kids Will Know (4:40)
11. I Really Hope You Get To Retire (4:07)

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Ten Kens - For Posterity (2010)

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Ten Kens - For Posterity (2010)

Sfrd28693tefo Ten Kens - For Posterity (2010)

Rock, Indie
Mp3 | CBR 320 kpbs | 125 Mb | 51:22 | Scans | 119 Mb

‘For  Posterity’ is the second album from Ten Kens. As the title suggests,  this release sees them looking to the future, and the band have pursued a  distinct artistic vision that takes inspiration from a range of  disparate genres and movements, from the meditative experimentation of  Psychedelia to the immediacy of Hardcore, steering them towards a bold  new sound that is truly unique.
The product of this vision is the result of an intense recording  period. The band aimed to achieve a specific balance of sound to make  recordings that were dynamic and powerful yet simultaneously raw and  organic. The reclusive nature of their recording process has informed an  album that is darker than the self-titled debut and incredibly focused;  it sounds like an album that could only be made by musicians with a  shared artistic vision, devoid of any outside influence.
Whilst ‘For Posterity’ is a very different beast to the self-titled  album, many of the elements that yielded such a critically well received  debut still survive and are enhanced. Ten Kens continue to be an  idiosyncratic band that find delight in toying with the listeners  expectations, often at multiple points within a single song. ‘Johnny  Ventura’, the first track from the new album is a prime example,  introducing a Roky Erickson-like howl from Dan Workman over the top of a  crushing guitar riff, before stopping abruptly for a brief ethereal  mid-song interlude, perfectly demonstrating the bands ability to  juxtapose quiet introspection with unabashed belligerence.
Indeed, it is the range of contrasts which make ‘For Posterity’ such  an intriguing listen. Heavenly vocals appear hauntingly over dark  sludgy guitars which then themselves provide a platform for a  surprisingly spiky post-punk riff, or the prelude to a screaming deluge  of noise. Still, whilst the band sought simply to capture the spirit  unique to each song, the band have maintained the ability to record an  album with a sonic narrative, through the widescreen sense of drama that  characterized their self-titled debut. However, whilst the musical  intent of that was to make a tangible body of work, ‘For Posterity’  feels more like a spirit, haunting the listener with a brooding dread  that runs throughout the album and binds its contrasting musical  elements together.

01. Johnny Ventura (3:13)
02. Back to Benign (4:47)
03. Insignificant Other (4:15)
04. For Posterity (3:54)
05. Screaming Viking (2:39)
06. Summer Camp (5:11)
07. Grassmaster (2:22)
 08. Style Wars (7:22)
09. Hard Sell (2:56)
10. Welfare Green (4:06)
11. Yellow Peril (5:01)
12. Can't Not Be Dark (5:34)

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Ten Kens - Namesake [Expanded Edition] (2013)

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Ten Kens - Namesake [Expanded Edition] (2013)

Sfrd28694tena Ten Kens - Namesake [Expanded Edition] (2013)
Rock, Indie
Mp3 | CBR 320 kbps | 158 Mb | 01:06:05 | Scans | 146 Mb

A  bassline stalks the shadows before slowly but purposefully creeping  into view. Ominous vocals echo and shimmer onto the scene, chanting  mantras that sound like ancient, otherworldly warnings. It’s over four  minutes until the drums roll and crash, creating a backdrop that begins  to build, mesmerizing the listener with guitars that swing around in  circles, performing a swirling pagan ritual. That we are introduced to  Namesake, the third album from Ten Kens, with "Death in the Family,” a  seven-and-a-half-minute psychedelic odyssey, says everything about the  minds, imaginations, and musical philosophy of the Canadian rockers.  Where 2010’s For Posterity gave a nod in this bold direction, Namesake  fully embraces the notion of taking songs off on dark, psychedelic  tangents that often refuse to return. Dan Workman's vocal work is  sublimely angelic with a disturbing twist, providing an eerie additional  instrument more often than it does a hook. It can be frustrating when  you consider his lyrical prowess on earlier Ten Kens material, but the  results are mainly rewarding and, essentially, fit the setting  perfectly. Brett Paulin's guitars complement Workman in dramatic  fashion, constantly threatening to erupt from intricate, angst-ridden  picking into a full-bodied wall of distortion. "Fetal Misgivings” is one  of the finest examples of the Workman/Paulin partnership; a dreamlike  mood carries the song along, calm and relaxed, until the guitar turns  colossal and Workman drifts away, allowing the instrumental chaos to  play out. Elsewhere, "German Purity” is a far more straightforward  stoner rock number that provides a welcome, rather thrilling  head-banging opportunity, while the simplified dynamics and more  coherent feel of "The Field Around Your Van” feel slightly out of place  among the ten tracks. Some may, however, see this as a welcome break  from the deliberately oppressive nature of large portions of the album,  which isn’t as immediate as earlier output and can seem hard work at  first, but repeat listens breathe new life into Namesake. Over time you  come to grips with its twists and turns, finding new ground emerging  from the shadows.
Review by Daniel Clancy, Allmusic.com


01. Death In The Family (7:27)
02. Bliss (3:46)
03. Gently Used (5:21)
04. Fetal Misgivings (3:29)
05. The Calm Of The Car (4:48)
06. Mousetrap (5:10)
 07. The Field Around Your Van (4:20)
08. German Purity (4:17)
09. When A Door Opens (3:25)
10. Namesake (6:03)
11. Take Me To Your Leader (3:50)
12. Little League Now (4:34)
13. Above The Ego (2:52)
14. Whatever Man (6:42)

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Goldfrapp - Tales Of Us (2013)

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Goldfrapp - Tales Of Us (2013)

Sfrd28695go Goldfrapp - Tales Of Us (2013)

Rock, Indie Rock
MP3 | 320 kbps | 106 Mb | Full Artwork @ 300 dpi (png) | 86 Mb

Goldfrapp  fans know to expect changes from album to album, but the switch in  direction between Head First and Tales of Us is one of the duo's most  drastic about-faces. Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory's sixth album  trade the neon nostalgia of Head First's synth pop for a subtler, more  complex sound that evokes Felt Mountain's lushness and Seventh Tree's  acoustic confessions. Tales of Us could be seen as a cross between those  two works -- and Goldfrapp have certainly covered enough territory that  they could live out their days making hybrids of their earlier music --  but there's more to the album than that.
There was a somber stillness to Felt Mountain's most haunting  moments that made it uniquely compelling, and Goldfrapp returns to it  here, delivering the set of unforgettable torch songs they always seemed  destined to make. Above all, these songs are intimate: they bear the  names of lovers as they unfurl several diaries' worth of memories and  regrets. Tracks like "Simone" move between whispered sentiments and  widescreen heartbreak as the duo blends orchestral and electronic  elements into gorgeous arrangements and melodies that sound decades old  and instantly familiar. As lavish as Tales of Us is at times, Goldfrapp  sounds more genuine and natural than they ever have. On "Drew," strings  sneak up on Alison's murmured remembrance of "dreams of your skin on my  tongue" as the song gradually builds to heights that prove the duo  really should record a James Bond theme. This filmic feel is no  coincidence, since the works of David Lynch, Ingmar Bergman, and  Michelangelo Antonioni served as inspiration. However, the album's  cinematic nature goes deeper than its sound; Tales of Us also features  some of Goldfrapp's strongest storytelling. "Annabel" explores a child's  fluid gender identity, with Alison sighing "why couldn't they let you  be both?" over a heartbreaking melody (on "Stranger," she wonders if the  one she's been missing is a "boy or girl," emphasizing the  all-encompassing sexuality of these songs). The duo also sets some of  the album's most unsettling tales to its most beautiful music: "Jo" is a  lullaby filled with gunshots and a blood red moon, while an almost  sobbing melody gives "Laurel"'s sordid tale an added tragedy. While  Tales of Us is Goldfrapp's most consistent album in terms of mood and  sound, the duo still adds some variety. "Thea" brings film noir to the  dancefloor with shivery synths and a beat that begins with footsteps,  and "Clay" ends this collection of heartache on a (relatively)  idealistic note. Even with these slight detours, Tales of Us isn't as  immediate as, say, Supernature. Regardless, it's Goldfrapp's most  sophisticated work to date, and one of their most consistently  satisfying albums.

01. Jo
02. Annabel
03. Drew
04. Ulla
05. Alvar
06. Thea
07. Simone
08. Stranger
09. Laurel
10. Clay

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CTI Records: The Cool Revolution [4CDs BoxSet] (2010)

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CTI Records: The Cool Revolution [4CDs BoxSet] (2010)

Sfrd28698ct CTI Records: The Cool Revolution [4CDs BoxSet] (2010)
Jazz / Fusion / Soul Jazz / Brazilian Jazz
MP3 | 320 kbps | 815 Mb | Full Artwork @ 300 dpi (png) | 270 Mb

Remastered  for the first time using the original two-track analog tapes, this  brand new 4-CD set celebrates the vintage years of CTI, when a  distinctive style and sound were born. Over 5 hours of music showcase  all the major artists on the CTI roster, both in solo performances and  in the unforgettable collaborations that made each CTI album so  distinctive. Includes a lavishly illustrated 20-page, LP-sized booklet  containing rare photos, plus new liner notes by noted jazz critic Dan  Ouellette with comments by CTI artists and enthusiasts.
In 1967, producer Creed Taylor founded a new jazz label called Creed  Taylor Incorporated (CTI). The label started out under A&M but  "went solo" in 1970, so 2010 is 40 years since they became an  independent label. They signed some big names such as Freddie Hubbard  and Stanley Turrentine, and helped launch the careers of emerging talent  like George Benson. CTI folded in 1978, but its reputation lives on,  and now the 40th Anniversary is being celebrated with a new 4-CD "box"  set. I say "box" in quotes because the CDs are actually housed in a  gatefold LP-like package.
CTI was known for putting out jazz records that were superbly  produced and arranged (production by Taylor, most arrangements by Don  Sebesky), with free-flowing music that was improvisatory but more  accessible to the pop audience. The four discs on this set are an  excellent representation of the spectrum of music that's the legacy of  CTI. Each CD is about a different theme. Disc 1, "Straight Up," features  a more traditional style of jazz (but still funky!), with artists such  as Turrentine, Hubbard, and Ron Carter. Disc 2, called "Deep Grooves/Big  Hits," includes CTI's only real radio hit, Deodato's take on "Thus  Spake Zarathustra," a.k.a. "Theme from 2001." It also gives us some cuts  from the Kudu sub-label, CTI's more R&B-flavored imprint. "The  Brazilian Connection" on Disc 3 showcases Taylor's appreciation of  Brazilian music (something I share), with artists from Brazil (ex.,  Airto) and US musicians like Paul Desmond doing the Brazilian thing. The  fourth and final CD, "Cool and Classic," lives up to its title, with  both Cool Jazz (ex., Chet Baker) and various interpretations of  classical themes in a jazz vein.
This 40th Anniv. CTI set is an enjoyable journey into the past,  providing roughly five hours of topnotch jazz from the `70s, and a  worthwhile portrait of a legendary jazz label. My only real frustration  with this purchase is how the sale price has fluctuated so much within a  few days of release. Had I merely waited one week to buy this, I could  have saved some serious dough!
It has been a very long wait for any kind of decent box set of CTI  recordings. While this new set is not entirely comprehensive it will do  until a more complete accounting comes along. What it does offer is a  fine collection of some of the best tracks the label ever laid down. The  producers have combined cool wth classic jazz, big band with brazilian  sets, all in glorious remastered sound. And that is perhaps this set's  biggest asset: the sound is warm and rich, clean and clear. Columbia  Legacy reissued many of the classic CTI LP's onto CD in the late 1990's  with 20-bit remstering. The sound here on this set is a huge improvement  over even those sonic gems.
The packaging with this new box is also quite clever. Emulating the  iconic CTI high-gloss look, this set offers four CDs in a colorful  12"x12" LP gatefold cover. Included is a large format booklet with a  fine introductory narrative, although what is really needed is a more  complete historical description, such as Ashley Kahn's wonderful "The  House That Trane Built" about Impulse Records, Creed Taylor's  inspiration for CTI Records.


01 - Stanley Turrentine - Sugar
02 - Hubert Laws - Moment's Notice
03 - Ron Carter - So What
04 - Chet Baker - Autumn Leaves
05 - Stanley Turrentine with Milt Jackson - Speed Ball
 06 - Freddie Hubbard - The Intrepid Fox
07 - Randy Weston - Ifrane
08 - Don Sebesky feat. Freddie Hubbard & Grover Washington Jr. - Free As A Bird
09 - George Benson - So What

 01 - Freddie Hubbard - Red Clay
02 - Johnny Hammond - It's Too Late
03 - Esther Phillips - Home Is Where The Hatred Is
04 - Hank Crawford - We Got A Good Thing Going
05 - George Benson - White Rabbit
06 - Hubert Laws - Fire And Rain
 07 - Esther Phillips - What A Difference A Day Makes
08 - Joe Farrell - Follow Your Heart
09 - Deodato - Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001)
10 - Grover Washington Jr. - Mister Magic

 01 - Antonio Carlos Jobim - Stone Flower
02 - Astrud Gilberto with Stanley Turrentine - Ponteio
03 - Freddie Hubbard - First Light
04 - Stanley Turrentine - Salt Song
05 - Hubert Laws - Pensativa
06 - Airto - Tombo In 7/4
 07 - Milt Jackson - Sunflower
08 - Airto - Return To Forever
09 - Paul Desmond - Wave
10 - Deodato - Carly & Carole
11 - Antonio Carlos Jobim - Brazil [Alternate Take]

01 - Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker - My Funny Valentine
 02 - Ron Carter - All Blues
03 - Don Sebesky feat. Paul Desmond - Song To A Seagull
04 - Hubert Laws - Pavane
05 - Chet Baker - What'll I Do
06 - Bob James - Westchester Lady
07 - Kenny Burrell - A Child Is Born
 08 - George Benson - Take Five
09 - Jim Hall - Concierto De Aranjuez

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Subsignal - Paraso [Deluxe Edition][2CDs] (2013)

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Subsignal - Paraso [Deluxe Edition][2CDs] (2013)

Sfrd28697su Subsignal - Paraso [Deluxe Edition][2CDs] (2013)
Progressive Metal/Rock, Neo-Prog | Label: ZYX/Golden Core Records | Cat.#: GCR 20078D-2
MP3 | CBR 320 kbps | 359.07 Mb | Scans | 124.55 Mb | Time: 53:03 + 1:15:50

The  German prog-metal band Subsignal was formed in 2009 from the ashes of  the long-running cult prog metal band Sieges Even. Sieges Even began in  the 1980’s as one of the earliest technical metal bands along with the  U.S.’ pioneering Watchtower. In 2005, after a recording absence of eight  years, they hired vocalist Arno Menses and guitarist Markus Steffen and  underwent a marked change from a highly, some would say to-a-fault,  technical style to a very melodic and emotional style of music, all  without compromising their skill and artistry.
Guitarist and producer Markus Steffen states on the new album: "For  me, Paraso is the perfect missing link between our first two albums.  Regarding the style of songwriting we did not want repeat ourselves, but  at the same time we paid heed not to deny our typical trademarks  (strong melodies, the mix of harder and softer passages, strings,  acoustic guitars, etc.).
So, the biggest challenge was to get our attitudes realie our  attitudes in a 60-minute album. But I am convinced that we have been  successful – and hopefully our fans will share our opinion.”

Disc 1

1. Time and Again (1:13)
2. Paraso (4:44)
3. A New Reliance (5:51)
4. A Heartbeat Away (6:26)
5. A Long Way Since The Earth Crashed (4:31)
6. A Giant Leap of Faith (5:17)
7. The Stillness Beneath The Snow (6:01)
 8. The Blueprint of a Winter (feat. Marcela Bovio) (5:49)
9. The Colossus That Bestrode The World (5:13)
10. Swimming Home (7:58)

Disc 2
- Bonus Live CD -
Live In Mannheim 2012

1. Intro: The Weight Of The Stone (1:38)
 2. Echoes In Eternity (5:36)
3. My Sanctuary (5:32)
4. The Sea (7:23)
5. Feeding Utopia (5:03)
6. Walking With Ghosts (7:54)
7. Where Angels Fear To Tread (6:05)
8. Embers - Part One: Your Secret Is Safe With Me (8:56)
 9. Paradigm (7:16)
10. Touchstones (11:30)
11. The Trick Is To Keep Breathing (7:08)
12. Outro: Themeland (1:49)

Produced by Markus Steffen

The Band

Markus Steffen (ex-Sieges Even) - Guitars
 Arno Menses (ex-Sieges Even) - Vocals
David Bertok - Keyboards
Ralf Schwager (ex-Dreamscape) - Bass
Danilo Batdorf - Drums & Percussion

Marcela Bovio - guest vocals

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Venissa Santi - Big Stuff: Afro Cuban Holiday (2013)

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Venissa Santi - Big Stuff: Afro Cuban Holiday (2013)

Sfrd28696ve Venissa Santi - Big Stuff: Afro Cuban Holiday (2013)
Vocal Jazz | Label: Sunnyside Communicat
MP3 | 320 kbps CBR | 52:55 min | 122 MB

A  jazz singer covering Billie Holiday has become so cliche it is almost  like a pop singer covering Adele. Sometimes there are certain artists  best left alone, the bar has been set so high that any attempt at a  cover will almost immediately pale in comparison. Vocalist Venissa Santi  and her latest Big Stuff / Afro Cuban Holiday are indeed the exception  to the rule.
Legendary jazz vocal icon Billie Holiday set a bar for emotional  connectivity and soulfulness in presentation with so many tunes that  hitting this raw organic sweet spot has been next to impossible for any  vocalist. Venissa Santi's riff on Holiday is made special by that rare  blend of tone, timbre and timing coupled with an emotive quality coming  from a place far deeper than her soul that makes Big Stuff just that,  perhaps the finest homage to Holiday one may hear. This is  Afro-Cuban-Blues, an emotional channeling of respect and smoldering  melancholy that manages to make the tunes long associated with Holiday  come alive yet again in perhaps the only format that could capture that  original spirit.
All the expected tunes are here with the notable exception of "God  Bless The Child" which Santi is still in the processing of reimaginging  into a format that would be more appropriate such as a "God Bless The  Child" suite. "You're My Thrill" is the jazz vocal equivalent of that  sexy little black dress while "Travelin' Light" is a vocal hybrid  between the sounds of Cuba and New Orleans which simply translates into  pure flavor! "That Old Devil Called Love" embraces the Afro-Cuban vibe  and vivid imagery perhaps better than any composition on the release  which is making a bold statement. Simply put, this is the most  consistent and artistically daring cover of the Billie Holiday catalog  to date. Venissa Santi can review her own work far better than I, "It's  been an extremely existential experience."

1. On the Sunny Side of the Street (Guaguanc)
2. Big Stuff (Tumba Francesa)
3. What's New?
4. My Man (Makuta)
5. Strange Fruit (Bolero)
6. Stormy Weather (Palo)
7. You're My Thrill (Tango Congo)
 8. Travelin' Light (Guajira/Nola)
9. Involved Again (Danzn)
10. That Old Devil Called Love (Son)
11. I Cover the Waterfront / Monk's Dream (Guaguanc)
12. You Better Go Now (Yamb)

Venissa Santi - vocal
Tim Thompson - trumpet
Chris Aschman - trumpet
Jef Lee Johnson - guitar
John Stenger - piano
Jason Fraticelli - bass
Franois Zayas - drums, percussion, arrangements

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Coleccin de Fondos de Escritorio (321 Wallpapers) [30.09.13]

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Coleccin de Fondos de Escritorio (321 Wallpapers) [30.09.13]

Sfrd28689wa Coleccin de Fondos de Escritorio (321 Wallpapers) [30.09.13]
 321 JPGs | 1680x1050 - 2560x1600 | 360 MB

Categoria: Wallpapers

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